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This stage includes intensive discussions for better understanding users needs and project goals with the aim of encouraging customers to download and use the app. We identify the target audience of the product and outline most common use cases for a particular project. Also at this stage, we obtain an objective understanding of the technical constraints and opportunities for the development in order to identify any possible problems that can arise during the development stage that helps make proper decisions on the early stages.

The research stage helps us building empathy between our team, you and that’s more important, between end users. It gives us an understanding of what’s best for users and allows us creating delightful user-centered designs.


One of most significant part of the entire app development is building great user experience. We build the core of the entire system - the interaction map, a scheme that outlines each screen in the system and shows the connections between these screens. To avoid any significant changes in the further design and development stage we discuss every detail at this stage in the way so we could easily and quickly make necessary changes. Moving forward, we build an interactive prototype that shows how the system will actually work so we could make sure it works properly. This allows building the flow of the app as simple as possible for users. We blend practical and academic knowledge in design and user experience to make your project simple and intuitive for users. Even if it's huge and complex, we can interpret it through a clear and easy-to-use interface.


Each product should be an aesthetically pleasing, elegant and easy to use. Presented online, it must be distinguishable from possible competitors. We can suggest designing a clean user interface following the platforms design guidelines and trends in the industry. At this stage we work on a design concept, suggesting an overall look & feel of your product, a color palette, and typography, that will be consistently used throughout the interface. In addition to creating beautiful visual design we think over how users interact with the system and outline behaviour for particular elements and describe how users contact with them. We work in iterations until both parties are happy with the suggested design approach. We blend practical and academic knowledge in design and user experience to deliver fresh, modern and usable designs.

Front-end development

Nowadays websites should work properly on every desktop and mobile device. We can suggest developing a fully responsive website for smartphones and tablets. We optimize images for faster loading, using .svg files where it's necessary to achieve great graphic appearance on DH displays. We make sure that your system will look and work exactly like it was outlined during the design phase, as expected.

Our team can create any type of mobile application for all major platforms across the market. Technologies that we use allows creating apps that will run on all iOS, Android or Windows phone devices without sacrificing performance or native platform features. We develop iOS apps writing Swift code, the new native fast language.

Back-end development

Whether you are looking for a high-performance database for your website that will store millions of records, or backend services for a small application that should load its data from the web - we can do that.

Our team takes care of the whole development process starting from general software architecture and database administration to payment integration and API’s. Working with databases, we develop them for a system to keep all data securely on remote servers using SSL certificates. Specifically coded web services will allow your app to get access to all the data stored on the remote server and write new data.

For websites, we use Microsoft technologies stack - ASP.NET, MS SQL Server and SignalR.

Icon design

Logo or an app icon is the main visual part of every project that represents the brand on the market and reflects the product idea. We create an engaging and appropriate app icon for your project that will fit the overall interface look-and-feel. To properly interpret your brand we use all the information we gathered at the research stage. Traditionally we start with rough pencil sketches, exploring different design concepts and visual ideas. We discuss it and then choose one that best reflects the idea of the project. Then we continue creating a digital illustration based on the selected concept making sure that users will easily recognize your app on their home screens or browsers.


To make sure that the system we built still meets the users needs and expectations, we organize user testing on different stages of the projects lifetime. Tests show us how quickly users can find the particular information, how easily they can do the certain task within the scenarios described during the research stage. During the development process we constantly send testing builds to our clients, testing and fixing possible issues. We test how intuitive the system works. We see how clear users understand icons that we designed, how readable font we selected, how appropriate imageries we chose. Iteration by iteration, starting with the core functionality, we build an end product with all its creative features and complex performance, and testing is an integral part of this process.


The final stage of working on a project is posting it online when we prepare and deploy the website to target web server and assist in publishing apps to the market. We deploy and set up your product on most popular cloud platforms as well as on regular hosting services or on-premises. We also plug in analytics for your project, so you could measure the success of your product. As for the mobile apps, we’ll help you submitting the app to the store, provide keyword optimisation and consult you in setting up all necessary merchant accounts. No worries we’ll always be there to support your project.


E-commerce systems these days become more popular covering not only the web area but also mobile devices. We can help you build a system offering goods or services that will be easily maintained and regularly updated. We implement payment integration for websites and in-app purchases for mobile apps. Working with secure transactions, we keep all data safely using SSL Security Certificates. You’ll be able to work with your e-commerce system through the beautifully designed and easy-to-use admin panel. Whether you need a small online store or a huge complex booking system with a lot of features, we’ll be glad to build it.

Interaction design

Animations in mobile and web apps provide visual and interactive guidance to users. Different kinds of animations indicate the status of a certain design element or provide feedback to users, showing the process and the result of an action.

Starting from micro-animations we also design motions of the whole web pages and app screens to visualize the different types of page changes and show our users when the particular layout is loading. We also include micro animations for UI elements to visualize changes in their states and show how they react to user's actions.


myLocali is an online booking service. It’s a centralised platform where establishments can manage various aspects of their business with absolute ease.

We were responsible for the user experience design, visual design, front‑end and back‑end development for this web‑based application. We have also built iOS and Android companion apps and a separated booking widget for myLocali.

UI Design | UX Design | Web app Development | iOS & Android Development


Plug is a music news app we’ve been involving in recently. The app is a service where you can find all the recent news about music genres you like. You can subscribe to genres you’re interested in and set push notifications so you never miss the fresh news.

We helped the Plug team with the user experience design and the UI design for iPhone devices.

UI Design | UX Design


Kamadomii is a cooking app for grill lovers. It’a complex interface where you can create and post recipes. You can browse the community recipes and cook them with an ease. The smart system notifies you when the certain step of the cooking comes by sending the notification to your phone or a watch.

We’re still working on the app and if you have any questions about it, please contact us direclty.

UI Design | UX Design | iOS Development | App icon


Kulture is an iOS app – a social network with an extended messenger functionality. With this app you can edit and post different media content like photos and videos and also you can create public and private chat rooms to communicate with your friends.

We provided all the design and development services for the project, creating the app UI & app icon and building the frontend and backend development.

UI Design | UX Design | iOS Development | Motion Design | App icon

"Their work ethic and communication skills are just outstanding."

Karin Meyer, Indiforce

"Maria and Nik have been an absolutely amazing team to work with."

Kevin George, myLocali

"They put even toughest requirement into clean and simple solution."

Victor Vassiltsov, Siberry Technologies

Founded by husband and wife Maria and Nik, Plainwhite is a boutique development studio, where we strongly believe that a great product is a combination of good usability, visual aesthetic and bug-free code. We have built more than 35 web and mobile apps for clients around the world, partnering with entrepreneurs, business owners, product managers and startups. We prefer to work closely with our clients, involving them in the work process and designing unique and engaging web and mobile user experiences.

We always open to collaboration and consider each new opportunity as a step forward.







If you want to apply to a position, please send an email to hello@plainwhite.co

Online portfolio and a good knowledge of English required


Hello there! We are looking for a talented designer and a good person who would join our small and friendly team. Together we'll be developing products and services for startups and agencies around the world. Additionally, you'll be working on our interesting experimental side projects. If you're open for complex tasks and ready to solve design problems, let's meet then!


  • Work closely with Designers and Developers
  • Work on 1-2 projects at a time
  • Present your work
  • Follow an established design direction
  • Work on a variety of design tasks and deliverables
  • Take design direction from superiors
  • Adequately react to criticism


  • 2-3 years of experience in a similar position
  • A bachelor’s degree, or equivalent training in design
  • Mastery of Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Strong sense of design principles and practices such as layout, color theory, typography
  • Strong visual design aesthetic and conceptual thinking
  • Strong handle of web standards, interaction, mobile and responsive design
  • Understanding of HTML and CSS fundamentals
  • Work iteratively and have an eagerness to learn
  • Ability to follow direction and collaborate on design projects
  • An online portfolio full of relevant work
  • Excellent communication skills
  • English language